Tell me how you really feel

I was trying to get Charlotte help me ring in the new year earlier tonight.

I guess she’s not really that excited.

Oh well.

Also, I’ve added “Sound less annoying in videos” to the top of my resolutions list for 2013. You’re welcome.


(Before you ask: Yes, I am sitting at home on New Year’s Eve. Yes, there were plans, but no, we did not have a babysitter. All of ours are college students who still have three glorious weeks of winter break left. Chris went to a party. But before you feel sorry for me, he deserves a fun night out for all the nice things he does for me every day, so I insisted he go. Plus, he promised he’d come home in time to kiss me for midnight.)


4 responses to “Tell me how you really feel

  1. Oh my word, that was hysterical!! And you do not sound annoying! Everybody thinks that about themselves. 😉

  2. Happy New Year sweet Doran family! I look forward to this year’s blogs! XO

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