Another sentimental list

These are the things I want to remember about Charlotte as a two year-old.

1) When she says thank you (which she is very good about, by the way), it comes out as “Doot doo, Mama/Daddy.” It makes us giggle every time.

2) I’ve mentioned Charlotte’s shoe fetish before, and showed this picture only last week, but I don’t think I’ve talked about what she calls them: Foo. Yes, shoes = foo. I don’t know about that one…But again, it makes us laugh.

3) Charlotte has really been enjoying watching the old classic Christmas cartoons, like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph. (Mostly Frosty; the Abominable Snowman was a little scary. After she watched Rudolph she talked about the A.S. for the next two days. And she still likes to point to his picture on the box and growl.) She received the box set for her first Christmas, long before she’d ever want to watch them, but now, she can’t get enough! This makes nostalgic ol’ me immeasurably happy. Her general love for Frosty and Santa has exploded, and she’s very excited to meet Santa at the mall this year. I’m not sure how she’ll feel when she realizes he is a real person rather than a cartoon or a blow up figure at Lowes.

4) Tonight, Charlotte pushed Chris and I together so we could kiss at least twenty times in a row. I mean this literally — she sits between us, puts her hands behind out heads, and pushes our faces together while making the muuuuah sound herself. This isn’t a new thing, but it’s too cute not to mention.

5) Buddy is finally realizing how great it is to have Charlotte around. Sure, he’s always liked the food she throws him, but, surprisingly, food isn’t the key to this dog’s heart. Apparently, it’s having a playmate for wrestling. Charlotte and Buddy wrestle like puppies. She gets on the floor next to him, he runs a circle around her, grabs her feet in his mouth, and she laughs her head off. Charlotte also really wants to play fetch with Buddy (his all-time favorite activity), but she isn’t quite up to Buddy’s speed yet. One day, Kid.

6) Her trade-mark goodbye: Bye bye, see yo!

7) Her reaction to stinky feet: Pee yo!

8) Ever since Chris invited Charlotte down into the basement with him to grab something a couple of weeks ago, she has been begging to go down with him every time. She calls it a walk. “Walk? Walk?” she asks. She knows what walking means, and that we usually go for walks outside. I guess she just doesn’t consider our basement a part of our house (as she shouldn’t since it’s so disgusting and bug-filled). It’s a mini adventure every time!

Today we enjoyed such a simple day at home and it was one of my favorite days ever. We had the music playing, the Christmas trees lit up, and we were all just so happy to be together. Chris worked a little on his speaker things, I was getting my craft on, and Charlotte was having fun twirling yarn around the room. And we stayed in our pajamas all day. Bliss.


2 responses to “Another sentimental list

  1. Those are the best kind of days! And I can’t wait until you’re here to have another day like that. xoxo!!!

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