Tears Today


Tonight I was supposed to write a post about our Christmas tree, or this adorable new cowgirl fabric I found, or both.

And tonight in Newtown, Connecticut, 20 families were supposed to tuck their children into bed, kiss them goodnight, then leave them safe and sound in their rooms to dream about sugar plums. But that didn’t happen.

So who cares about my Christmas tree and cowgirl fabric? I don’t anymore.

I’m very, very sad. Heartbroken. I’m also disappointed, frightened, angry, and confused. All I can think is why?

Why did 26 innocent people have to die today?  And whywhywhy did 20 of them have to be children? Why 20 children? Why would someone do something so horrifically awful? Why in God’s name did this person have 3 guns? Why didn’t this person get the help he clearly needed before his sickness escalated to THIS?

Please, Why?

I learned of the news over lunch today. Then I had to return to my classroom and teach three more classes, pretending as if nothing was the matter.

Something is the matter.

Tonight I send my deepest condolences to all those affected by this horrific tragedy. As a mother, I know this tiny message means nothing to those who lost a child, parent, spouse, sibling, grandchild, etc., etc., etc. The profound loss is far-reaching.


6 responses to “Tears Today

  1. 😥 I’m right there with you. I’m sorry you were in a classroom having to deal with those emotions. My mom and sister are elementary school teachers and they had a very hard time of it as well. 😦 I didn’t find out about it until last night.

  2. I thought about you and Amanda a lot yesterday. No words can describe the horror those children went through. I am in shock and disbelief. My heart aches for their families. Give your sweet Charlotte big hugs and kisses from her Great Aunt Amy. I am also sending you hugs and kisses as well, you are an excellent teacher and I am so proud of you.

  3. Honey, there is nothing that makes any sense of this horrific tragedy. Kiss our little love for all of us and be thankful for each and every day….

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