Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday Party

And now it’s time for the Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday Party blog post of all blog posts! Ok, it’s not going to be that exciting of a post because, frankly, I’m still a little bit exhausted from all of it.

Even though I didn’t bake her cake….or decorate the house according to an extravagant theme (or at all)…or make her home-made gifts.

Here’s what I did do for her party: clean up, show up, clean up again, put a pooped out toddler to bed.

We started out on Saturday morning with the Christmas tree reveal. Chris and I put it up and decorated it the night before after Charlotte had gone to bed, and we were excited to get her reaction on video.

Somehow, we managed to get everything in order with time to spare so we headed out to a craft fair before anyone showed up. Having time to do something leisurely before hosting people at our home has literally never happened to me before. I need to remember exactly what we did to prepare so I replicate this experience every time for now on. It was phenomenally stress-free. (Well, mostly.) 

Even though we had an almost all-family birthday party, there were still a lot of guests in our small house. Three of Charlotte’s great-grandmothers were able to make it, as well as ALL of her grandparents and uncles! Charlotte missed her nap completely and was running on attention-fumes all afternoon and into the evening. Attention-fumes happen to eliminate potential crabbiness-due-to-exhaustion. Charlotte likes attention-fumes.


As we were opening gifts, I suddenly could see our future flash before our eyes. More kids, more and more and more toys. Toys everywhere. Toys blocking doorway and hallways. We’re trapped in our house because we can’t get through the toys! Ah!


But we are very grateful. Charlotte loves her gifts, and will surely be the most well-dressed little horse enthusiast around.

You can see in the second picture how excited Charlotte was about her new horse ornaments.

You can see in the second picture how distracted Charlotte was by her new horse ornaments.

Last year when we opened gifts, Charlotte could have cared less. But this year, she enjoyed ripping off the paper, and she wanted to play with every single thing immediately after opening it. I almost felt guilty directing her attention away to open something else, another new thing.  I told my friends later, “I think this is the start of something terrible.”


I’m kidding. Birthday’s are fun, and we know how much her family delights in showering Charlotte with love, attention, and yes, gifts. So I’ll say it again: We are very, very lucky.

Thank you, everyone, for making the trip out on Saturday, and more, importantly, making Charlotte’s 2nd birthday incredibly special! As a parent, we love to see the people we love love our daughter. (There are a lot of loves in that sentence. Did that make sense?) In other words, Thank you, and we love you!



8 responses to “Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday Party

  1. I wish we could have been there to celebrate!

  2. What a happy day for all! Lucky Charlotte, and you and Chris! xoxo

  3. Fun day for all of us! Charlotte had so much fun! And thanks to nana Amy, there are loads of awesome pictures!

  4. Looks like it was a big hit!

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