The Best We Could Get

First of all, thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish Charlotte a Happy 2nd Birthday! She doesn’t get what a birthday is yet, but Chris and I are certainly feeling the love for our little girl.

Secondly, here is the best picture we could get today:



At least you can see her new “neigh neigh.” It was a gift from her babysitter, and Charlotte is in love. The sitter said that she noticed Charlotte doesn’t have many stuffed animals (she does, actually, but she isn’t interested in them, so most are in her closet or toy box), and because she thought Charlotte would be more comfortable sleeping with a stuffed horse rather than the five plastic ones she requests each night. Good thinking, babysitter! Tonight, Charlotte is sleeping with five plastic horses and a soft stuffed horse.

I took my first personal day of the school year to enjoy a little birthday cheer. (And clean the house for her party tomorrow. Mostly this, actually.) I took her to tot time at the rec center across the street this morning, which is always a treat for this working mama.

When we got back, we watched a plumber drill through the roots that have busted through our main water line. Oh the joys of home ownership. Remind me in my next life to become a plumber. In our experience, all a plumber has to do is step in our house and we’ll start writing checks for hundreds of dollars.

The next part of Charlotte’s birthday celebration included skipping her nap. We tried, but she must have been just too excited to sleep.

Our babysitter came by later in the afternoon to take Charlotte to the library, and then Chris picked her up so we could run errands. (WOO!)

Tonight, Chris and I will put up the Christmas tree, and hopefully I’ll remember to videotape Charlotte when she sees it tomorrow morning.

Also tomorrow, Charlotte will be receiving an onslaught of presents, which will help bring our family room yet another step closer to becoming a Toys ‘R Us.



One response to “The Best We Could Get

  1. Happy birthday, Charlotte!

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