The Last One

Tonight I kissed my one year-old goodnight for the last time….

…because tomorrow she will be a two year-old!

Wait. Hold the phone. TWO?!

Sigh. Yes, two already. Time flies, blah blah blah. We’ve all heard it, and darn it if it isn’t even truer than that.

I think in most ways, turning two is more sentimental for me than the first birthday was. At one year, Charlotte was still very clearly a baby. Sure, she had some toddler skills, but overall, she was a babbling, squishy baby. Now, she’s only a baby in my head. To the rest of the universe she is a bona fide toddler.

The changes from one to two are ginormous. She learned to walk, form sentences, recognize letters and numbers, understand everything we say, and develop strong tastes and opinions (among many other things).  Tonight, she was really behaving like a toddler: throwing her markers off her high chair when she was supposed to be putting them away, throwing fits over every little thing, whining whining whining. A year ago, she didn’t know how to be this naughty.  But then there are the I love yous and the I’m sorrys and the hugs around the knees that come with this age, too, and make me forget every single tantrum. Yes, there is a big difference between one and two.

Looking through the past year in pictures, it’s hard not to get emotional. I love her at every age, but why does it have to go so fast? Again, sigh.

Here are a few (okay, many) highlights of Charlotte as a one year-old.


















Sweet dreams, my soon-to-be two year-old! x’s and o’s


15 responses to “The Last One

  1. Happy Birthday, Charlotte! The time does pass so quickly. Have fun this weekend!

  2. Seeing some of the pictures of Charlotte bring back memories of a sweet little 5 year old that came into my classroom…she looks just like you!!! Lucky girl.

    • So much fun this weekend — another post later tonight if I get my act together! It’s funny that you say she looks like me because I think she looks just like Chris! I guess she is the perfect mix! 🙂

  3. Wish I were there to hug and kiss her on her big 2nd birthday! Can’t wait for the holidays! What fun we’re going to have! Yeeeee!

  4. Wish we could freeze time just for a while. However, it’s also been so much fun watching Charlotte grow. I just love her to bits! xoxo

  5. Happy birthday, sweet Charlotte.

  6. Love, love your reflections, Katy!! You are savoring the growth of your precious daughter. It does go by fast but you are capturing and documenting these points in time so thoroughly and beautifully!!! XO

  7. I LOVE HER!

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