Good evening fellow internet dwellers!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Although I wore my pajamas all day today, and although I only left the house once to pick up floor transitions at Lowes, and although we still don’t have our big Christmas tree up (sad face), my weekend was pretty fantastic.

For one, Chris made me swoon by offering to re-do our entryway floor on Friday. I didn’t even have to nag ask him. OMG. We bought the laminate tiles for the job right away when we moved in four and a half years ago. I guess that’s how projects work around these parts.

Anyway, after priming with the adhesive paint, a lot of cutting, a lot of sticking, a little bit of slicing our wood floor with the exact-o knife, and a lot of swearing, Chris got the job done late Friday night! My man!

Well, it still needs to be grouted and then we need to add the transitions, but those are just details, right?

As for me, I’ve been working on making a photo album for 2011. (Remember how projects work in these parts?) It takes for-ev-ver, and by the time I finally deem it ready for print, very likely my butt will be as flat as a pancake and my eyeballs will be spinning in their sockets. Luckily, the book will totally redeem itself to me when it arrives all pretty in the mail about a week later. I can’t wait.

Since I waited so long to make this one, I promised myself I’d get 2012’s book done right away. This means that I’ll be back to book-making in another month, and the butt-flattening/eyeball spinning will begin all over again.

It’s very important work being the Family Historian.

Between all this, I went through some of the stuff that came out of my old bedroom at home. The best were all the early love letters I’d saved from Chris. (Actually, they were love emails. We’re the tech generation.) They are soooo cute. Then I bugged him about why he doesn’t still write me love emails. Huh, Chris? HUH? 🙂

Another great find were some of my journals from early high school and college. Hilarious. For instance, I must not have had the most interesting life if this is the type of stuff I was writing about:

“We [Leigh Ann and I] got ice cream at Oberweis and we wanted cookie dough but all they had left of it looked pretty gross because someone scooped it up and then put it back so we both got cookies ‘n cream instead.”August 26, 1998

Or this one from the next day:

“Afterwards, Charlie, Debbie, Emily, and Katie went to Subway for lunch, but Leigh and I weren’t allowed to cross the street so we walked back to my house and Elisabeth and Allison walked part way with us.” Aug. 27, 1998

Are you kidding me?? We were about to be freshman in high school and we still listened to our mothers about not crossing Roosevelt Road?! I’m going to be sure to tell Charlotte that she should do anything if her social life depends on it. (Or not.)

My 14 year-old self would be mortified to know what I’m doing right now. But really, there are some true gems.

Switching gears again…

…Since we are on a tight Christmas budget this year (due to our new roof, new windows, and our general poor-ness), many gifts we are giving are going to be homemade this year! But don’t you worry, all you family members who are curling up your lips, I’ve got some real treats up my sleeve.

Well, I guess I’d better get back to the grading I’ve been putting off all weekend. I’ll leave you with this cute little pony-tailed helper.


Thanks to Aunt Beth and Alistair for the super fun vacuum! Charlotte has been helping me clean all weekend!


8 responses to “Va-come-in

  1. Oh my gosh, we were sooooo cool!!! I was laughing out loud and Elliot said, “mom, what’s so funny?!” If only I could explain the hilarity to a three year old.

  2. You sure spent many, many hours writing in your journals. Which, by the way, there are several journals in your bedroom closet at home. Love the pics of Charlotte with her cute pony tail…and the vacuum!

  3. Man, that vacuum is loud. My sincerest apologies! As for your home renovations, I think you two have accomplished so much in the 4 years you’ve been there! (I’m laughing thinking of Chris swearing. That goes with the program!)

  4. Brooke has that vacuum and she “cleans” the same way! She doesn’t “suck” up the blocks, but puts them in by hand instead. Too funny.

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