A Month Without the Telly

One month ago, we listed our ten year-old box TV on Craigslist and “sold it” (for free) the next day. Since then, we’ve been living totally TV-free for the first time in both of our lives.


I was never a big TV watcher growing up or in college. I never had my own television in my bedroom at home and I didn’t take a little one to DePauw with me for my dorm room (my roommates usually had one, though). Chris was more of a TV watcher than I was, until recently when our roles started to reverse. I started working, having my skin issues, etc., etc., and as a result, I got into watching a couple shows. Namely, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (which, sadly, isn’t on most of the year,) and Revenge (sososo good). We don’t have cable, but if we did, I’d be watching HGTV or E! reality shows. (Only high-quality programming for me.)  Now that Chris’s speakers and stereo system are up in our family room (rather than the dungeon basement), he doesn’t watch any TV shows.

Why am I telling you all of this? And why did we get rid of our one and only television set?

The reason is not because we are those people who are trying to get away from TV and spend more time doing better/more enriching activities, like reading in front of a fireplace or knitting socks or teaching our child how to mold animals out of homemade play-doh.

The reason we got rid of our TV is simply because it looked bad in our family room.  It was sitting on a coffee table in front of our window, and the look of that ugly box blocking our precious light-filled window made me sad.

Unfortunately for the TV, there is no where else in our tiny-roomed home for it to live. Our bedroom is out of the question as it is even too small for Chris’s dresser. (That lives in the guest room.) The front living/dining room has one chair to sit in, so that wouldn’t be fun. Plus, when you have a big box TV, you need a substantial piece of furniture to house it in, and we Craigslisted that last Spring.

So: No TV in the Doran home, and we’re doing just fine. Actually, we don’t miss it at all. And living TV-free isn’t what it was five years ago. With Hulu Plus and Netflix, we can watch pretty much any show or movie through the internet. So far, I’ve only watched Revenge, but Charlotte’s watched her share of Horseland and Curious George.

We’ll get a TV again one day; probably when we move. We’ll invest in a flat screen for our new house that will hopefully have a wall big enough to mount it on.

Until then, we have the internet to distract us. Oh, and reading books by the fireplace, knitting socks, and molding animals out of homemade play-doh.


8 responses to “A Month Without the Telly

  1. I saw a preview for the new season of The Bachelor (coming early January), and you can watch that online the following day (Tuesday). Hehe Such a dumb show but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked…. 😛

  2. WHAT???? No Lifetime??? hahaha!

  3. Holy cow, I am impressed! Chris and I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV.

  4. I’m impressed, too. I’m not a t.v-aholic, but I couldn’t do that! No Bachelor/Bachelortte OR Lifetime? (lol, Meg) Dumb t.v. is right, but I’m hooked.

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