Chris whipped up today’s blog post, while I am working on writing something I’ll share in a couple days. We also have some fun stuff to share from this weekend, but we’re waiting on some pictures to make it more interesting. Here’s what Daddio wrote tonight:

Today featured Charlotte’s first real boo-boo.

I had just finished dressing her this morning and was setting her down so that she could pick out her shoes for the day. I think she was going to make a break for the purple Uggs, but she slipped once I let her go and went face-first into the hardwood floor…OH NO…I knew it wasn’t going to be good, and sure enough there was a pretty respectable amount of blood flowing around her upper front two teeth and upper lip. Once she caught her breath she started screaming bloody murder, and I was terrified. I thought, if it’s as bad as it looks like it could be, I might have to take her to the doctor and/or the dentist — chipped or bent teeth seemed a real possibility. After a minute or so, I decided we needed a towel for the blood before it got all over our clothes, and after that it quit bleeding pretty fast (as mouth wounds magically do). The tears started winding down a little bit, and I finally got a quick look at her teeth…

Thankfully, everything seemed intact! Her lip seemed a bit swollen, and when she reached up that’s what she was mostly worried about. I’m guessing that her front teeth just cut into her inner upper lip a bit, nothing more serious than that. Whew! Honestly (and maybe not surprisingly!), within about five minutes, she was bugging me to let her down so she could finish picking out her shoes! After all, we had a daddy-daughter date to play with the other “babies” at Tot Time 🙂 Oh, and before I forget, before we got in the car I asked her if she was OK, and I’m 90% sure she replied “my tooth hurt.” Pretty surprised, I said, “oh, your tooth hurts?” and she said “yeah.” Could I be imagining it? Maybe, because it would be the most advanced sentence she’s ever said…that we can understand at least! But then again, she does love to say “I see you, Boo-Boo [Buddy]” all the time now, which is pretty cool. Maybe I heard her right after all 🙂


8 responses to “Owie

  1. Ooooo poor little doll. 😦 If either tooth turns gray, you know she hit hard. Keep a watch on it! Big kisses and love to Charlotte!

  2. What a fantastic dad! Charlotte is a lucky girl! Glad to hear she’s OK (and stayed focused on what’s important. Shoes.)

  3. Those first few “boo boo’s” are scary. Glad she’s ok.

  4. AHH Brooke did that too and it was AWFUL! We actually brought her to the pediatric dentist because I was so worried. I am a crazy mother, but blood just gets to me.

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