Random things involving nick-names and boots

I’m a chronic nick-namer. I think I probably stated nick-naming my younger brothers as a kid, and I’ve just continued to do so for my friends, husbands, pets, and my child.

One of Chris’s older and most common nick-names is Darl/Dar.( I use them both — sometimes I go through Dar periods, other times, Darl periods. But it’s the same nick-name in my book.) I started using this name shortly after moving to Iowa City and living together for the first time, and it’s pretty much my go-to pet name for my dearest husband. I suppose it is short for Darling, but I’ve never once called him that….


The other day, Charlotte and I were in her bedroom, probably getting dressed or changing her diaper, when Charlotte decided to call for Daddy. But instead of her usual “Dadeeee,” she called out, “Darrrrllllll!” I about died. Chris came in (only partially surprised), and then we both laughed some more about how funny our kid is.

The thing is, I know that every child does this or something like it at some point, and that it’s not all that unique or original for Charlotte to be picking up on her parents’ pet names. But remember, she’s our first baby, so everything she does is noteworthy, hilarious, and an indication of pure genius to us.

Since then, the Darls just keep rolling off her tongue, to my utter delight. And I laugh every time.

Something else:

I’ve mentioned how Charlotte doesn’t use the word more, but instead will say “another one” when she wants more of something or sees more than one of something. Her version sounds like this: nuh nuh na. Well, now she’s been replacing the final “na,” which stands for “one” with the word of what she wants or sees. For example, now she’ll ask for “nuh nuh nuk” (another milk), or point to “nuh nuh tee” (another tree) when looking at a picture of a forest in her bedtime story, or notice “nuh nuh football” when she sees multiple TV screens broadcasting different football games at a sports bar. Again, Baby Einstein.

And finally (also unrelated), here is a picture of Charlotte and I in our matching boots. I really don’t like this picture of myself, but I am trying this new thing called not caring. It’s kind-of working, I guess, because I am in the picture and I only deleted about half the number we took. Small steps.

Buddy was my bait to entice Charlotte to take a picture with me.

I often think about how kids these days are like little celebrities with their own paparazzi documenting their every move. Chris and I really noticed this at the pumpkin patch when every parent (and grandparent) had a huge camera around their neck and were desperately calling their child’s name in the hopes of getting that one good shot. The kids are much better at ignoring their paparazzi than the celebrities are.

See, Suri? You’re not that different from all the other children after all.


11 responses to “Random things involving nick-names and boots

  1. I love when I wake up in the morning, go to my computer and there is a blog from you! They always make me smile!!!

  2. Hey Katy, This post reminded me of something I read last week…
    It’s always great hanging out with you guys!

  3. Hahahaha! You and Dar should be proud.

  4. LOL! Charlotte calling her daddy, “darl”! I can’t wait to hear that!

  5. Oh…and why the plural husband??? Something you’re not telling us? LOL!

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