Giddy up, Cowgirl! Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 was a major success! Due to the facts that 1. Charlotte already owns and loves a very adorable pair of cowgirl boots and 2. she really, really loves horses, Chris and I thought it only fitting to dress her up like a cowgirl this year.

The costume was simple and inexpensive:

  • The boots (already had ’em)
  • Jean skirt ($6 at Old Navy)
  • Checkered shirt ($6 at Old Navy)
  • Leggings (already had ’em)
  • Bandanna (it’s actually Buddy’s)
  • Horse head on a stick ($4 at Stuff [a local consignment shop]

And look at how cute’n country western she looked:

Oh, oops. A toddler moment slipped in. That happens these days.

But back to the fun…

Trick-or-treating may have been the ultimate highlight of Charlotte’s life thus far. She was having that much fun. We drove out to North Liberty to trick-or-treat in the Pudwill’s neck of the woods with Madeline and their neighbors. Charlotte was thrilled to be hanging out not only with her bff, but with lots of other young kids. If any part of Charlotte is shy, it was not coming out tonight. I don’t know anyone? Who cares? I’ll run up to you and talk gibberish like we’ve known each other forever, girlfriend. She was running after strangers left and right.

I was surprised that she actually said “trick-or-treat” and/or “thank you” at about half the houses we visited. Between homes, she ran squealing like a maniac out of pure delight. She was thrilled to see all the pumpkins lit up on porches and was oh-so-selective when choosing the candy out of each bowl. Despite the irritating cold she developed on Monday, Charlotte was all smiles all night.

Afterward, one of Carla’s neighbors asked us, “Is she always this cheerful?”

We laughed. No, she’s not. (see photo above)

But when Charlotte is happy, she goes all out. And we adore that about her.

As for me, Halloween hasn’t been this much fun since I was probably ten. (And that’s saying something because I had an awesome Queen of Hearts costume in 3rd grade.)

Happy Halloween!


17 responses to “Giddy up, Cowgirl! Halloween 2012

  1. Clutch post. Fun night!

  2. So cute! Fun in pink boots!

  3. That sounds like way too much fun! Wish I could have been there! I love that last pic. What a honey!

  4. ahhhh she is soo cute!!!!!!! I LOVE the costume!

    Chris saw the pictures and got jealous, “It looks like Halloween there…”

  5. I can just hear Charlotte squealing with delight! Love these pics, honey! So wish we could have been there. Oh…you didn’t mention who made your awesome Queen of Hearts costume….YOU! It was amazing!

  6. So happy you guys could join the chaos at our neighborhood. We had fun though. Charlotte was so cute. Madeline just wanted to eat. Hahaha!

  7. Love it! Liv makes friends the exact same way :), and what an adorable costume! Awesome tights, must find a pair of those for us.

  8. That face in the last pic needs to be pinched.

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