Busy weekend, No pictures (Gasp!)

We had such a busy weekend that I was too exhausted to even think about writing about it last night. We arrived in Glen Ellyn at around 10:30 Friday night (and got to enjoy Charlotte for another two hours before she decided “play time” was over…), then we were so busy Saturday and Sunday that it actually kind of stressed me out.

A lot of my family lives in G.E. or the area, and Chris’s grandparents live there, too. This is wonderful, of course, but we really need to spend at least a week there in order to to adequately spend time with everyone. Plus, I have friends I’d like to see once and awhile….

Anyway, we were busy. So busy that I didn’t take a single picture. Not one. Sad face.

(My mom and Mimi have pictures. Perhaps they will share with me and I can share here?)

On Saturday we spent the morning with Grandma Margaret and Carl then took Charlotte trick-or-treating downtown Glen Ellyn at the local shops. We met up with my parents, Aunt Beth,  Amanda, Steve, Mary, and baby Sadie, too! Charlotte looked so cute in her costume (which, again, I don’t have any pictures of), and I’m so glad we get to do Halloween again on Wednesday just so I can dress her up again. We only stopped in a handful of stores because it was so crowded. So crowded. And with a dog, two strollers, three grandparents, aunt and uncles, a toddler, a baby, and Chris and I, it was kind of a production getting around and staying together. Luckily, Charlotte had no idea what we were doing and could care less that we gave up early to have lunch. We met Grandma Margaret and Carl at Shannon’s for some tasty grub.

After Charlotte’s much needed nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Aunt Beth’s house with the extended family, including Joe, Aunt Amy and Mimi. Charlotte and Sadie didn’t really play together at all, but it was fun for us adults to have them in the same room. They are the two cutest cousins in the entire world. Yes.

On Sunday, Charlotte and I went shopping and had lunch with Grandma Margaret. Of course, Charlotte got spoiled and received some too-adorable-for-words new boots. I’ll just refrain from speaking about them until I show you a picture. It will be worth coming back for, I promise. (I die from cuteness overload.)

Finally, before we drove home Sunday night, we hung out with my my brothers, John and Joe, Geniece, Mom, and Mimi. We didn’t really do much except watch Charlotte chase after a big orange ball with her shirt off, which, as a matter of fact, is a pretty fun thing to do.

Then we drove home. The end. I’m tired.

(Also, I’m not sure why I wrote all of that. Without pictures, this is probably a very boring read. My apologies.)


5 responses to “Busy weekend, No pictures (Gasp!)

  1. Need pictures! Deprived!!!!! LOL

  2. I thought you were taking pictures on Saturday.

  3. Ohhhhhhh gotcha!

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