I’ve edited my post from yesterday, More of Charlotte’s Favorite Things, changing the term for Charlotte’s invented language from Charlotte-Speak to Charlish.

Sometimes I’m just so clever it kills me. (But not before I get so excited that I have to make my changes on the ole blog right away.)

Yes, this is what I do on Friday nights. You got a problem with that?


(Actually, I wasn’t in my pajamas by 7:00 this evening for once!  We picked up some things for Charlotte’s Halloween costume (on clearance, too!) at the mall. While we were there, Charlotte got to watch the Carousel and the new Hawkeye train, walk all the way through the mall (rather than ride), and play in the germ-infested play pit with all the other rambunctious children. She had the best time, and I’m sure everybody in the entire mall heard about it.)

(I’m having a pretty good week, skin-wise, too! Maybe I’ll share a picture tomorrow.)



One response to “Charlish

  1. Yea!!! Glad to hear your skin is getting better!

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