Just Like Buddy

Charlotte the Impersonator….er, Imdogonator


From the looks of this blog, it may seem like Charlotte rarely wears shirts.

Yeah, that’s a little bit true.

She always starts out in a shirt, but there are plenty of reasons why her shirts come off at some point on any given day.

  • She ate beets or blueberries. Never fail, she will get those on her clothes.
  • She has a cold (not now, thankfully) and has wiped her snotty nose on her sleeve ten to many times.
  • Daddy put her in a strange outfit so Mommy decides to change it. However, Child runs away from Mommy while Mommy’s picking out the new outfit, and Mommy is too lazy to chase after her.
  • She really, really likes taking her shirt off these days. Really.

Good thing she has such a cute little tummy.


4 responses to “Just Like Buddy

  1. Hahaha…that little dumpling! I want kiss that tummy of hers!

  2. Love that tummy!

  3. Seeing her and hearing your voice makes me miss you so!

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