Wow. Who would have thought that a close-up picture of my decrepit cheek would generate five times as many hits for the blog today than every other day for the past week? *So that’s how you generate blog traffic.*

No, I’m kidding. I had no idea so many people would read this post. THANK YOU, all, for the kind, encouraging, and supportive words. I didn’t think I needed that, which is part of the reason I’ve been so quiet about all this on the blog (and in real life), but as it turns out, maybe I did. The love and encouragement from your words today lifted me up and reminded me that I don’t have to let this be such a lonely thing.

Thank you. xoxo.


5 responses to “Thankful

  1. Best mom/wife in the universe here. We all love you mucho.

  2. That’s right honey…you are not alone and do not need to feel lonely. Looks like you have a friend in Stacey to blog both your progress! Kisses, hugs and love to you! You coming to GE soon? Hope so!

  3. You’re a sweetheart, Chris! Katy is so lucky to have your love and support. Meg, too! What a mom! What would she do without you, two?

  4. I am the same way, thinking I don’t need support when I’m in the middle of something. Normally I talk once an ordeal is *over*, but I really have got to stop doing that because when I HAVE reached out, I feel so, so much stronger and supported and LOVED! I just posted on how I’m struggling to homeschool with my 12month old’s challenging behavior, and I would NEVER have done that in the past. I would have put on a happy, strong face and acted on top of things. It’s always wise to ask for help! I have only learned that in the last few years. I guess I’m getting old…er. Lol

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