The Name Game

How did Charlotte get her name? Well, I’m glad you (never) asked because I’m dying to tell you!

Actually, there isn’t much of a story, but it did take Chris and I awhile to decide up0n Charlotte. I’ve mentioned that we both thought she would be a baby boy, and in fact, we’d had a boy’s name picked out for about two years already. (I’d share it, but who knows if we’ll change our minds if/when we have a boy some day.) Actually, we could have named two or three boys — we just agreed on liking so many. But a little girl’s name? That was hard.

I loved Cailin; Chris really did not.

Chris loved Caroline; I didn’t like it enough.

Then there were the named we’d tossed around months and even years earlier: Sofia, Sonia, Lucy, Sabrina, Abigail…We still liked all of them, but none of these seemed like the right name for this little girl:

I was getting huge and a little stressed out about our still nameless daughter. That, and not pregnancy discomfort, was keeping me up at night.

At least we had a middle name chosen. Baby Girl Doran would share my grandmother’s first name and my mother and my middle name: Mary. This was something I’d always planned on doing if I was fortunate enough to have a daughter. And luckily, Mary sounds nice with pretty much any first name so we weren’t limited in that regard.

And then, finally, Charlotte. We remembered we had liked the name a while back, pre-pregnancy, but I guess we had forgotten all about it. We thought it was lovely and classic, and neither of us knew any Charlotte’s growing up so we imagined it was uncommon. (As it turns out, Charlotte was the number 1 girl’s name in 2011. But since Charlotte was born in 2010 I suppose we were the ones to have started that trend, right?) When one of us suggested it again, the other finally said, “Yeah, I like that one.”  Really, that was it. We finally both agreed on a name, and it was a pretty ummomentous event.

And still, we weren’t 100% sure we’d keep the name once we met her, so we kept it quiet and never fully committed to it by calling her Charlotte while she was still in my stomach. Before she was born, she was always just The Baby. In fact, we still call her The Baby sometimes, but less so than we did for the first 9 months of her life when we finally decided she might need to learn her own name.

What’s funny is that we’ll be able to name our next child so much easier because we realized it doesn’t really matter as much as we thought it did. Sure, we need to like and agree on the name, but we both don’t have to be obsessed with it. Liking it is enough. And once the baby gets here, the name just becomes a part of him/her, and you end up loving the name even more because of that.

Well, this was another installment of Katy is trying to write down everything about Charlotte like an insane person. Thanks for reading!




9 responses to “The Name Game

  1. Imagine if Charlotte was Caroline? That would be do funny. Lots of your names we considered too. I should write about this sometime as well.

  2. Love Caroline…Cailin? not so much. But Charlotte is by far the best! We’d love her all the same no matter what name you chose. (except Tiffany) 😉 JK!

  3. Awww…I remember being a tad jealous cause I wanted to name a daughter Charlotte. I’m glad you did, though, because Charlotte is a Charlotte! 🙂 If we have girls again, we’ll have to fight over Gertrude.

  4. Cute story!

    Jan @Door251

  5. Girl names are SO HARD! I love almost every boy name and hardly any girl names

  6. I had pegged Abigail for a girl’s name (pre-pregnancy) until I assigned the name to a Sim who turned out to have Spock ears. There went that! LOL

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