Let’s Go to Horseland…

…yeah yeah yeah yeah!

This is the theme song for Charlotte’s absolute favorite cartoon, Horseland. It’s probably one of the dumbest shows I’ve seen. The wise narrator is a collie that sounds like Sean Connery, and his two friends are a dopey pig and a snooty cat. The bulk of the show is about a group of girls and their colorfully-maned horses that ride at the Horseland Ranch. The two mean girls are Zoey and Chloe, and the Hispanic girl, Alma, has an accent like…well, like no Hispanic accent I’ve ever heard. It sounds more middle eastern with a few buenos thrown in.

But why am I going on and on about Horseland….?

Oh yes — Charlotte got a new family of horses to add to her collection! Grandma Margaret kept Grandma Amy’s Breyer horses from when she was a little girl. When she heard that we bought Charlotte a Breyer horse last month, she searched her attic to find them.

And now they’re here!

Charlotte loves her new neigh-neighs! Thanks, Grandmas!



12 responses to “Let’s Go to Horseland…

  1. Yay!!! Charlotte’s horsey’s have arrived! Thanks G-Grandma Margaret and Grandma Amy!

  2. That’s one happy little girl! When do the riding lessons begin?

  3. Haha, never heard of the show but I sure loved My Little Pony when I was growing up! šŸ˜€

  4. I absolutely love her hair!

  5. BTW, Barney was the weirdest show EVER!!! Especially the very first ones, when he was blue! Ask Grammy about that video, we laughed and laughed!

  6. omg i was googling horseland alma accent to see if anyone else has thought the same about her fake accent that sounds like it’s actually from India. And that’s how I found this blog. My little girl is watching the show. She loves horses now. The show is annoying because of all the drama and bad attitudes from the 2 girls and bailey. bailey seems like he’s going to be abusive druggy later on lol.

    • Your comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that! I could go on and on about how stupid Horseland is, and I’m glad I found someone who actually knows what I’m talking about! Sadly, it is Charlotte’s favorite show BY FAR. She’s even watching it right now….That is hilarious about Bailey, btw. Thanks for commenting!

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