The Cutest Hawkeye

Charlotte after a totally pathetic Hawkeye game Saturday:

At least the Hawkeyes have the world’s cutest fan.

But then we all got over it and played in the tent.

I’ve already got the socks over my hands for the night (I’ll write about this another time), so this post will be short. Too…hard…to…type…..

But before I sign off: Happy 30th Anniversary to my amazing parents! Chris, Charlotte. John, Joe, and I are so happy today and so proud of your commitment to one another. We love you!

My parents with my mom’s siblings, my grandma, and my Uncle Joe’s photo-bombing girlfriend.


10 responses to “The Cutest Hawkeye

  1. And she still loves her boots!!!!

  2. Wow, awesome parents – 30 years!! Congrats to them! And yes, your daughter makes a cutely, devoted fan. πŸ˜‰

  3. Congrats to your parents!!! That is too cute.
    Yeah, the Hawks disappointed this past weekend. Here’s hoping for the next one to be better. Love the bow, Charlotte!

  4. So sweet honey. Thank you! And that pic of Charlotte is yet another priceless one! Love it!!! xoxo

  5. Yay for your parents!! So happy for them and all of you! Give that darling Charlotte a giant hug for me, too!

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