Those People

Well. Today we were those people. Those people in the store with a screaming child. A tantrum-throwing screaming child. Yep.

We were in the Dollar Tree (high rollers), and Charlotte was having the best time ever running and squealing up and down the aisles carrying two buckets she found. Then it was time to check out and go home. Daddy picked her up, and Mama took one of the buckets.

Oh.My.Lanta. The screams. The throwing her head back. The screams, the screams, the screams. And then the stares from every single person in the store.

I took her outside while Daddy paid, and she was quickly pacified by the sight of some shopping carts that she wanted to sit in. (???)

Actually, as of the past few weeks,  tantrums like this are working their way into our everyday.


Charlotte, you can’t watch another video right now. Throws self on floor.

Draw on paper, not the walls. Draws on walls anyway. Okay, no more coloring. Throws self on floor.

Daddy has to go to work. Throws self on floor.

Mama has to go to work. Doesn’t care one bit. (She is so not into me these days.)

Time to change your diaper. Runs away. Gotcha, let’s go! Tries to throw self out of our arms/off the changing table.

So, Chris and I have had to introduce some discipline in the form of one minute time outs. Charlotte happened to think time outs were hilarious at first, so that was disheartening. But now that Chris traps her in the corner (It’s humane, I promise. He just blocks her so she can’t run), her time outs are not as funny.

Now, if we preface our discipline with Do you want a time out? Charlotte will usually say no and usually stop the behavior. Success!

(Well, kinda. This only works when she’s doing something she’s not suppose to be doing. It doesn’t work when she doesn’t get her way about something.)

Here I am having to remind Charlotte (for the tenth time today) not to play with the outlet in our guest room, and here’s Charlotte actually listening. Yay!

(But first you have to watch her performing some animal sounds, humming, and simply being adorable.)


17 responses to “Those People

  1. Hello Katy,

    I was reading baby center when I stumbled upon your blog. Congratulations! The reason I was reading? Right, I have a 27 month old boy who is desperately asking for time-outs 😉
    I am still trying to figure out how to deal with it.

    • Thanks for reading, Sofia! Good luck with your little boy…I’ll be interested to know what you think works/does not. Charlotte is our first child so we are pretty much clueless!

      • We are just as clueless 😉 Today he was quite good though! No fuss about brushing his teeth! I was very calm and promised I would read him a story afterwards but he had to immediately come with me and brush his teeth. Lets see how tomorrow goes… we are flying from Singapore back to Europe, my poor baby will be on a plane for 12 hrs :-/

      • Oh wow! You are so brave! Safe and happy travels. Hopefully the little guy sleeps…like the entire 12 hours. 🙂

      • It isn’t as dificcult as I thought… he did sleep 8 hrs on the flight here 3 weeks ago 😉 But it’s still very tiring for the parents, no question. I will be sharing the experience on my blog!

  2. Charlotte is a cutie!

    Sending strength your way as you go through the tantrums. I’ll need your advice someday.

  3. That little stinker! But what a cutie! Can’t wait to see you three this weekend. Grammy’s coming!!!

  4. Mine is three and I often wonder when the tantrum-throwing-toddler ate my sweet, little boy. He can be a stinker, too.

  5. She is adorable!! I came across your blog when reading someone else’s, i’ll def need your advice soon! lol.

    Jan @door251

  6. I have two suggestions for some of the behaviors (you’re welcome to ignore this unasked for advice, though!) 😉 When she asks for something that the answer is going to be ‘no’ for, answer “yes, you can do that ___ (whenever she WILL be able to have it/do it)”. This at least tells her that you’re thinking of her, and that you aren’t all mean. haha Also, you can give her two options when there is something she doesn’t want to do. Example, “Do you want me to change your diaper on the bed or the floor?” Usually toddlers/preschoolers will choose the second option, so if you know which she’d prefer, end with that one. I used this ALL the time with my older son( a bit annoyingly often, actually!) This worked *especially* well when it came to hand holding :”Do you want me to carry you or would you like to hold my hand?” There WAS no other choice- and he knew I’d follow through, so he learned to pick the second one! 🙂

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