Over the past month or so, Charlotte has really been honing her Stinker Skills. You know… the whining, the throwing herself on the floor when she’s upset, the fake crying, the purposeful breaking of rules, blah blah blah. Typical toddler stuff.

It’s funny to watch her play with things she shouldn’t. She used to do it out of innocent baby curiosity, but now she knows which things are off limits. She even knows which parent cares about which objects. See what happens when she gets caught breaking Daddy’s rule:



12 responses to “Caught!

  1. High-larious! Madeline has been throwing herself backwards lately. Ugh! I dunno about these toddler years. When can we hang so they can entertain each other?

  2. Hilarious! Love that baby!

  3. Chris and I just laughed soooo hard! Charlotte is so hilariously awesome

  4. LOL! I’m still laughing. I just love her!

  5. She sure is a smart little cookie!!! Also very funny!

  6. hahaha! That little stinker!

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