Brain Dump

I guess I’ve been feeling like I don’t have much to write about lately. Or maybe I just haven’t felt like taking and uploading pictures then sitting down to write about them.

But things are going on around here. I had my first day back at work today (sans students until Thursday). I had some major anxiety about going back a few weeks ago, but I started feeling better about it last week. I’ve also been feeling a little better since last week, so I think that’s just perfect timing.

Charlotte had her appointment with the speech therapist this afternoon…It went well. She is slightly behind with her speech but not with her language development, which is what we were expecting to hear since she very obviously understands almost everything and can say a lot of words (they are just her version of them!). The therapist noticed that Charlotte was very actively playing, dancing, moving around the room while we talked, and so she thought that her mind has probably been more focused on gross motor skills (running, jumping, balance, etc.) than fine motor skills (ie talking) for the past few months. This makes sense to us. She also told us that she thinks Charlotte will catch up soon enough, and she gave us some pointers on how to work with her to help her do so.  Charlotte’s first “assignment” is to work on adding consonants to the ends of her words. She’s such a lazy little speaker – she only likes to say the first part of word.  (Duck = Duh, Book = bo, and so on) Pretty much, I’m the only person who can understand her.

In other news, Mom came to visit this weekend, and it was just what I needed. Chris went to his ten year h.s. reunion in Boone, and we went to Madeline’s first birthday party of Saturday. There were SO many little kids – Charlotte was in heaven. I’m thinking that our life might be much easier next summer if we start offering to babysit other people’s children. Charlotte would have people to play with and we wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with a bored child on another 100 degree day. 🙂

I’d post a picture from Madeline’s birthday party on Saturday, but I only took a few and they aren’t very interesting. Really. This is coming from someone who has posted a picture almost every day of her child’s life, so you can believe me that these aren’t that great. Carla’s aunt took amazing photos, and a few of them are on my facebook wall if you’d like to check them out.

Amy joined us for lunch on her way back from Glen Ellyn on Sunday, so Charlotte had some fun double-grandma time! Lucky lucky chickie!

As the first grandchild on both sides, this kid gets some major attention. Good thing we now have little Sadie to share some of the spotlight. Otherwise all this attention just might get to her cute little head.

Oh, who am I kidding? She gets no less attention with Sadie around. In fact, I think they both get more attention when they are together! It’s a vicious circle of crazy relatives.

See, now I’m just babbling.




4 responses to “Brain Dump

  1. We had so much fun with you guys at the party. We need a playdate soon!!!

  2. So glad things went well with the speech therapist! Love that little dumpling!

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