Veggies and (Expired) Rice

I’m going to try to write a post each week for the remainder of the summer season highlighting what we do with our CSA yummies. This way, I’ll be able to remember what we’ve made and liked for next year!

Here is our box from Saturday:

It’s hard to see all that’s inside. There is kale, beets, an eggplant, garlic, potatoes, broccoli, two peppers of unknown variety, basil, cherry tomatoes, and regular tomatoes. Pickins are slim lately due to the extreme drought we’ve had all weekend, so the large tomatoes and beets were purchased separately from another vendor. Our baskets were much fuller in the beginning of the summer when the ground still had some moisture from spring.

We found this roasted pecan and garlic rice blend in a clearance box at our co-op, so we decided to make a little rice and veggie meal the other night.

It was probably expired. Oh well.

We sauted eggplant, garlic, green onions, parsley, and cherry tomatoes in grapeseed oil, then added some lemon juice and a little salt and pepper as we blended everything into the rice. 

Simple, yummy, and we still had plenty of vegetables to spare!

(Please excuse the blanket on the couch backdrop. We’re really classy.)

This was reeealllly good because of the nutty-flavored rice blend. We’ll use that again for sure.

(I’ll bet it’s even better when it’s not expired! 🙂 )


I’m linking up with “What’s in the Box” over at In Her Chucks again!


7 responses to “Veggies and (Expired) Rice

  1. It looks great and I don’t take those expirations too seriously.

  2. I LOVE near east rice! It is definitely my go to 🙂

    I host a weekly CSA Link party and would love for you to be a part of it. come and check it out and add your link. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. Looks yummy! I think the expiration dates on those boxes tend to be premature….they want you to buy more!

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