Our little dear spiked a high fever yesterday afternoon, and after a late-night call to a nurse hotline, we took her in to the ER at 2:15 this (Thursday) morning. She is okay, but unfortunately we had to hang out at the hospital for 3 hours to find that out. She watched videos all day today, which we allowed partially because she is still feverish and feeling it, and partially because Chris and I were too exhausted to do anything but lay around. (Or is it lie around? I never know.) I may or may not have dozed through a few miserable episodes of one of Charlotte’s Netflix faves, Horseland

But I have some photos from June that I meant to post ages ago. We’re hoping that tomorrow will be this awesome and that Charlotte will be this happy.



8 responses to “Sicklet

  1. Hope Charlotte feels better today!!!

  2. I hope she’s better, too, and she is adorable! 🙂

  3. Poor thing, fevers are no fun. But somehow the little ones seem to solider right through them. Hugs and kisses to sweet Charlotte.

  4. She’s stunning! So cute! I hope she’s feeling much, much better. . .and that you and your Husband didn’t manage to catch any vicious kid germs yourselves! 🙂

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