BFFs for Life

The blog is very boring lately because I am very boring lately. Really, not much fun going on in this house. Last night we went to Walmart to return a lint roller….and that was the first time I’d left the house since last Sunday afternoon at the Pudwills. Yup.

But today, we had some fun! More fun with Madeline, John, and Carla, in fact! Carla gets off work early on Friday afternoons, so she and Madeline came over to entertain Charlotte and I. And we went to the park across the street. Yes, I actually left the house! It was a brisk 86 degrees.

Charlotte hasn’t been a fan of the swing since she has turned one. But seeing Madeline enjoy the ride must have put the pressure on Charlotte not to be such a baby. Carla and I enjoyed pushing them for at least twenty minutes. That’s some good uninterrupted gab time.

Ahhh, this is living.

There is nothing bright or shiny about our little park. It still has “dangerous” metal climbing apparatuses, including this thing, which cannot be safe:

Faster, Mom! Faster!

I worry about plenty of things, but dangerous parks are not one them. Of course we put our babies on the slippery metal spinny thing.

And yes, Madeline did fall down. But, somehow, she didn’t knock into the bars or hit her head or even an elbow or knee. She fell perfectly onto her baby fat and didn’t bat an eye. See, no need to worry about parks.

Charlotte offered Madeline some water because being pushed in a stroller and a swing really does make you thirsty.

Thanks, girlfriend.

Later, we ate Thai food and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies (strange) with our men.

A good day.


7 responses to “BFFs for Life

  1. Did you exchange the lint roller for something else? Now, that would be semi-exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚ Katy, you make everyday extra special with your amusing outlook on life! Love you!

  2. A lint roller? Gurrrllll….you need to get out more! xoxox Love the darling pics, honey.

  3. Katy, you are hilarious…I miss you so much! I wish Iowa wasn’t a billion miles away!

    I LOVE the picture of Charlotte holding the water for Madeline…so sweet.

  4. Thank goodness you’ve been blogging… coz I’ve been slacking! Thanks for writing about these memories!

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