19 months -isms

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a “Charlotte-isms” update… The last one was four months ago. Ooops. Bad Mama.

Hmmm, where do I begin?

Charlotte’s likes:

  • Animals! Particularly, dogs, horses, birds, cows, and cats (for now). Instead of calling these animals by name, she calls out the appropriate animal sound. We’ve been working on animal sounds for months now, so she knows quite a few at this point. But when she can’t remember, she’ll either make some unintelligible noise or growl, which I think is hilarious.
  • Trains and buses! But mostly trains. We can see trains go by from the front window of our house, and Charlotte loves to run up front when she hears the whistle. She’s started watching Thomas the Train videos on youtube in addition to her old farm animal/number/alphabet/etc. train video favorites. It’s also fun watching the school buses across the street before and after school. As of right now, all vans and trucks are also buses according to Charlotte.
  • Babies! Or boo-boos, as she calls them. “Boo boos” include all children under the age of eight or so, actually. She loves them on T.V., in pictures, in a stroller across the street, at another table in a restaurant, anywhere really. And she just can’t get enough of her cousin, Sadie. It’s way too cute.
  • Skype! We’ve been skyping with Daddy this week, and Charlotte thinks this is spectacular. So do I. Yay for technology!
  • Side note: As a result of her love of Skype, babies, and trains, I can no longer leave my computer out in plain view unless I want to hear her whining in front of it for “choo-choo,” “Boo-boo,” or “Dada.”
  • Sleeping! She is still our champion nap and night time girl. I’m sure this will not last forever, but for now I am relishing how easy it is to put our child to bed.
  • Balls! Luckily for us, she hasn’t realized it’s probably just as fun to throw other things, too.
  • Music! She still loves pop and classical, but she’s growing more and more interested in kid songs. If she’s cranky in the car, kid songs will usually make her happy. She listens to classical while she sleeps, so I imagine one day she’ll probably write a symphony. Her favorite songs to sing are The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Baa Baa Blacksheep. She hums them like a pro.
  • New(ish) favorite foods: Grapes, grape tomatoes, sunflower cookies, Goldfish crackers, slices of bread.

Charlotte’s Dislikes:

  • Getting her face and hair wet. As a result, bath time isn’t so fun. 😦
  • Diaper changes…sometimes. Half the time she squirms and whines, and the other half she’s an angel.
  • What she’ll eat depends more upon the day than what she likes or doesn’t like. She has discovered her own power of choice and is having a great time using it. (I suppose this isn’t really a dislike…)
  • Long, uninterrupted car rides during the day. Little gas station breaks work wonders.

New Words and Sounds:

  • Growling. It’s funny. And cute. I need to get it on video. One day in Colorado, she was sitting on the bed watching me get ready for the day when she suddenly said in a low growl, “Oh Mama, Wow!” I about died.
  • She doesn’t say yes yet, but she can say no. Luckily, she doesn’t use it that often. She nods and shakes her head instead.
  • She has many words in her repertoire, but her enunciation is still limited to words ending in -ah, -oh, or -ooh. She is beginning to add more -ee sounds, like Hi and Bye (instead of “ha” and “bah”).  Many of her “words” have more than one meaning that are understandable in context. Other words you’d probably never understand unless you’re with her every day. I’d bet you’d never guess that “nuh nuh nuh” means another one, would you? Me neither.

Charlotte is such a fun and spunky little girl. She’s outgoing, daring, affectionate, silly, and can always make us smile. Last week, I put her in a tutu, and she instinctively twirled. I had to get it on video.


Then she found her bird mobile stored beneath her crib and came out of her room like this:

How come you never told me I owned such a cool hat?

It’s way too hard to believe that Charlotte is now closer to two than one…

Two?! I’m not even going to go there in my mind.

I love you, my sweet 1.5 year-old!


7 responses to “19 months -isms

  1. I love ALL of Charlotte’s-isms! Each and every one is unique and so darn cute! I’m so glad you share all them and so much of Charlotte’s life with us here! Love you blog!!!

  2. Love YOUR blog…rather. Well, you too, blog! 😉

  3. Super cute!
    We miss Charlotte!
    And you and Chris too!

  4. I love this whole post! and Charlotte…she can’t get any cuter/sweeter/smarter/funny


  5. We gotta get our girls together. I have a feeling they are two peas in a pod!

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