Bye-bye wa-wa

This is a picture of Charlotte (on Father’s Day) examining her sucker, or “wa-wa” as she calls it.

I’m going to get a good look at you.

She’s always very happily been using the Nuk brand pacifiers. I was given a couple as a gift from my mom when I first got pregnant, so that’s what we gave her. I’ve heard that some parents have to purchase a few different types before they find one their child likes, but Charlotte liked the one we gave her just fine. She was like this with bottles, too. I bought one type, and she was fine with it. Actually, she’s like this with everything – sleeping, eating, drinking – she’s very adaptable and EASY to please, which is why I’m the luckiest mom on the planet.

But back to the pacifier.

We’ve always kept two on hand so that one could get lost. After a couple of months, they get gross and we need to replace them. Each time we’ve replaced them with the same brand, but the suckers have been slightly different. The sucker part would either be a little bigger or smaller or maybe a tiny bit different in terms of shape. And each time we’ve changed out the suckers, Charlotte’s been fine with it. She’d look at it funny and take it out of her mouth a couple of times to examine it more closely, but then she’d decide it was a keeper and would happily suck away.

I didn’t expect this to change. Before leaving for Colorado, I decided to buy two more suckers since we only had one. I bought the only Nuks they carried in the store, and sanitized them before we left.

As we were driving, we realized we left her old sucker at Grandma’s house. Oh well, we have the new ones! I am so prepared!

Here Charlotte! It’s three in the morning and you’ve been woken up too many times from all our  gas station breaks so this sucker will help you get to sleep for good.

She took it in her hands and immediately saw that it was different.

Okay, no big deal. She’ll get use to it. She always does!

She half-way put it in her mouth, scowled, shook her head, and gave it back to me.

No Charlotte, it’s wa-wa. Here. I gave it back to her.

Uh oh, she was getting mad. She threw it off the side of her car seat and cried.


The poor thing was totally exhausted, and all she really wanted was her old sucker so she could calm down and just fall asleep already. She cried and cried for 45 minutes until she finally gave in to her exhaustion and conked out for the next five hours.

I worried that we’d go through a hellish few days of pacifier withdrawal. I’ve heard about those. Ever since she got sick in April, she had become pretty attached to carrying one around and popping it in her mouth to either chew or suck on. Throughout the week, we tried giving her the new suckers at nap and bed time, but she never took them. She made a face as if we’d just tried to give her a lemon to suck on, and then she’s throw it out of the crib.

But she was fine without it. I mean, really fine! Bed time was just about as easy as it’s always been. And now she’s sucker-free. I can’t believe it!

I have to admit that part of me is a little sad because pacifiers are a true indication of baby-ness. And I would have been totally fine with her hanging on to one for another year or two. Why not? The whole orthodontic issue is kind of untrue, and I’ve never heard of a child whose life was ruined by a pacifier. But we had to seize the moment, and now, here we are sucker-free.

Congrats, Charlotte. You are now another step closer to growing up and moving out. Your mother is now going to go cry herself to sleep.





3 responses to “Bye-bye wa-wa

  1. Sniff sniff.

  2. Awwww….no more sucker….Well, at least she didn’t take after her Uncle Joe!

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