Well, we’ve finally done it.

After months of saying we’d start, we actually sat down together two nights ago and pressed Play.

Yes, that’s right. We’ve started watching Downton Abbey…and we’re hooked.

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It takes a lot of willpower each night to actually go to bed rather than stay up all night watching the entire first and second seasons. I guess it is more fun to spread out the viewing experience; it’s always a little depressing when you finish a great series.

Our most recent TV series marathons were for Dead Like Me (a 2003 Showtime series about a group of hilarious grim reapers) and Twin Peaks (a murder mystery with a hint of sci fi and a lot of weird…oh, and Trey MacDougal from Sex and the City). Both shows only ran two seasons and were followed up with disappointing feature films. But if you haven’t seen either of these shows, check them out on Netflix!

Now, I must get back to my husband. The Crawley family is waiting.


4 responses to “Hooked

  1. I’m just finishing the second season. I love it!

  2. Haven’t watched that one yet, but I’m hooked on Lie to Me on Netflix.

  3. ok so I remembered this post from a while ago and thought Chris and I should start watching…we are soooo addicted!!!!! We have been up way too late the past few nights because we can’t stop!!!!!!

    • OMG, don’t you just want to watch the whole thing at once!? It was so hard to actually go to bed at night and not stay up all night watching. Season three doesn’t begin until Jan. 6 I think….how am I supposed to wait that long?!? I have to call you back this weekend so we can talk all about it.

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