Dad’s Day

Yesterday we enjoyed a splendid Father’s Day in the Quad Cities. Since we’ve lived here, we’ve only visited five “points of interest” in the Quad Cities: Babies R Us (Because it’s the closest one around. And I think we’ve only been once or twice; it’s really not much fun.), the Botanical Gardens (A pretty place you can walk through in less than an hour), Augustana College (It’s near the Botanical Gardens, so we stopped and walked around the campus for fun…pretty place!), Niabi Zoo (Totally depressing. We went there two summers ago when I was pregnant and couldn’t get over the deranged looking eagle in the too-small cage. We will not go back.), and Hooters (No explanation required).

Basically, any time we go to the Quad Cities is just an excuse for Chris to get some Hooters wings. So, per his request, and based off the choices listed above, we spent yesterday at the Botanical Gardens and around a table at Hooters Davenport.

Charlotte loved the koi fish. And I loved taking father-daughter pictures of the two most wonderful people in my life!

Fish! Fish!

Charlotte is the luckiest duckling to have Chris as her daddy. I knew he would make a great father when I married him, but he’s truly blown me away. We love him.

And…it wouldn’t be a proper Father’s Day if I didn’t send a little shot out to my own amazing dad.

Every year I get older I realize more and more how lucky I am to have my dad. He’s the most dependable man I know. I always know that whenever I need him, and for anything, he’ll be there for me. And he’s like that for anyone, even though he may pretend like he wouldn’t be (I guess you have to know him to understand that comment). He’s driven thousands of miles back and forth to DePauw and Iowa and wherever to pick me up, drop me off, help me move, and take me to airports. He remodeled our kitchen and bathroom and put together our new dresser. He’s going to fly across the country with me during his vacation time just so that I don’t have to go to the doctor alone. I really don’t know what I what do without him. Every daughter deserves a dad like mine.

But my dad isn’t just dependable. He’s also funny, involved, caring, and fun. All of my early memories with Dad make me smile. I remember being up early with him in the morning and helping watching him cook bacon for breakfast. I remember going on little lunch dates to Bagel Benders or Yankee Doodle in town and ice cream dates at 31 Flavors. Once he let me get the Oscar the Grouch ice cream sandwich I’d been pining over for awhile, but I turned the offer down for a mint chocolate chip cone. I still regret that decision. He took me out to practice my throwing and catching skills out in the street when I played softball that one summer…(this is where you should laugh), and he took me and four of my best friends from high school out to a lake in Wisconsin the summer before we went to college to swim and tube just so he could spend extra time with me while having fun with my friends.

Thank you, Dad, for making me the luckiest daughter! I love you!

In my eyes, Chris has big shoes to fill for Charlotte, but I think he’s filling them perfectly!

April 2011

Happy Father’s Day!



9 responses to “Dad’s Day

  1. What a wonderful tribute to the two men in your life! Not only are you lucky to have them in your life, they are lucky to have you in their lives! Have a great day!!!!

  2. Sniff, sniff again! You have an amazing memory, honey. And you are so right about dad…and Chris! xoxo!

  3. There you go, making me tear up again! Lovely memories, Katy!

  4. Beautiful story about your amazing father! Chris ain’t so bad either!!

  5. Yep- he’s a pretty cool guy— comes from a line of awesome dads:)

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