Closet De-cluttering

I love summer. I organized three closets last night and during nap time today. We took a bunch of crap wonderful things that someone else will appreciate to Goodwill. We have set up our appointment to dispose of four years worth of dead batteries. And we’re finally going to recycle my first cell phone…from 2003…

I’ll show you the guest room closet. Here it was before I got my paws on it:


Gift bags, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, black mullet wig, dead batteries, ribbon, empty boxes.

It wasn’t that bad, but the space just wasn’t used well. And there were a lot of little things hiding in there that we really didn’t need to keep.

You wouldn’t believe the randomness that was stored in those little tins. (Water balloons? Chris’s Walmart employee card from 2001? Yep.)

I was able to empty this entire plastic drawer and use it to store my craft supplies instead! I loooove purging.

I decided our closets (and basement — another project, another post) needed a little help getting organized. We spent about $70 on baskets and carts and hooks and racks and more baskets. Worth it.

Look at my handy work! I have a gift wrapping closet!


The white shelves on the door came in a three-pack from the kitchen section at Walmart for about seven dollars. They’re just the right size because the door can still close without hitting anything inside. The baskets were about five dollars each, and I bought all six that were in stock. It’s a probably a good thing Walmart was running low. (Unfortunately, Chris’s Walmart employee card in no longer good after eleven years, so we didn’t get a discount or anything.)

Also, isn’t the carpet awesome? It’ll be gone in a month when we have our floors refinished. I’ll miss it’s quirkiness.

The living room and bedroom closets got some help, too, but the pictures really aren’t that interesting. Instead, I’ll leave you with this one of Charlotte, enjoying her ride in the cool cart at Lowes.

This thing is awesome! Well, except for this seat belt…do I HAVE to wear it, Mom??


2 responses to “Closet De-cluttering

  1. Wow…aren’t you the organized one? Jealous here!

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