A Work of Mess

Our guest room has both a door to the hallway and a door to the kitchen. This creates a nice little circular floor plan in our house. (You can see it on my yet-to-be-completed House Tour page.) About three hundred times per day, Charlotte likes to walk tromp jog around the circle. We are usually pretty good about keeping the bathroom and other bedroom doors closed, so we figure we don’t always have to follow her because she can’t get into that much trouble, right?

Stupid us. Of course she can get into trouble. She’s one.

After a few too many seconds of silence during one of her jogs a couple of weeks ago, I popped my head into the living room to discover this:

That’s Charlotte standing in front of her baby powder art, wearing a pretty dress, tennis shoes, and a bib (per her request, of course). Being only minutes before we had to leave for Chicago on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, I decided against collecting all the powder into a jar and saving it forever to commemorate her first work of art. The vacuum ate it instead.


9 responses to “A Work of Mess

  1. What an artiste, Charlotte!

  2. I especially love the art on her nose!!!

  3. That little dickens!

  4. Everything about that is FUNNY! You’re clever writing skills, especially! The wearing of the bib…lol!

  5. Holy cow this is hilarious!

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