We’ve been having a lot of fun around these parts. Amanda and I are taking every opportunity to make our young, innocent children do silly things. Earlier today, this happened:

The little bloodsucker.


This gift from Uncle JR for Charlotte’s first Christmas just keeps on giving. Charlotte hates this pacifier now (because of it’s shape not the frightening teeth), but a long time ago we got this unforgettable shot. Charlotte did not want Sadie to have to have this sucker in her mouth. So as soon as she was able, she pulled it out, walked out of the living room, through the kitchen, and into the family room where she placed it on the arm of her Adirondack chair. There, she must have thought, now Mommy and Aunt Amanda can’t make my baby Sadie use this dreadful thing.

It’s amazing how Charlotte knows just how to behave around Sadie. She gets in front of her face and shakes her head as if to say now aren’t you the cutest thing. During Sadie’s tummy time on the couch, Charlotte put her face up close, smiled and said, “Hiiiiii!” She hugs her and kisses her and wants to be near her all the time. The two of them together is just the sweetest thing.

Charlotte also happens to be getting funnier by the minute. She does this thing where she fake laughs to herself, out of the blue. She’s clearly imitating, but she doesn’t usually do it when we’re laughing too. It’s hilarious to be driving in the car and randomly here her ha-ha-ha from the back seat. She must tell very funny jokes to herself.

Oh, and when I tell her to smile, I might get this:

or this:

Um, okay.


It just depends.

Either way, she’s a pretty cool kid.



One response to “Comedienne

  1. I am LOVING all of Charlotte’s clothes!

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