We have a decorative shelving unit in an opening between our kitchen and family room. I’m not sure if this is the correct term for it, but we call it The Credenza.

Cluttered credenza behind this young beauty


Actually, Chris and I like it.

But there is one problem: The color. It’s the same horrible ugly brown as the rest of the trim in our house (before we painstakingly painted it all, except in the family room). I think the best way to describe it is “barf brown.” It’s a super shiny light brown with a little oranginess to it. Very 70s, very ugly. Have I mentioned that it’s ugly?

Okay, so we don’t like the color. Why don’t we paint it?

Painting this trim has been a beast. Since the finish is so glossy, we had a really hard time getting our primer and paint to stick, even after sanding. We’re constantly doing touch-ups along the baseboards where the vacuum or furniture has nicked it. These shelves wouldn’t stand a chance against all the crap we end up throwing on them.

So, the other night, Chris took his saw to our charming credenza. I remember to snap a “before” picture just after he sawed off the first piece.


And now we have a hole….

The Hole


We’re still not used to our new wall hole. It looks like such…a hole. We do kind of miss Credenza.

But the good thing is that we no longer have to move our heads to look at people between rooms (sometimes Credenza’s shelves obstructed our view). It does make the space feel larger and more open (because it is, duh.). And we’ll be forced to find a better place for our clutter, which makes me particularly happy. Finally and most importantly, painting Hole will be much easier!

For those of you that remember this post from last fall, Chris came around the painting the trim in the family room. With our soon-to-be new Pergo floors, this (ugly) brown trim will just not match. 

It’s only one room (and the last one at that!); painting won’t be so bad.




3 responses to “Credenza-be-gone

  1. It’s going to look so good! Let us know if we can help.

  2. Make a breakfast bar!!

  3. I like the “credenza” wide open! Very nice!

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