Charlotte’s Throne

I’ve only been out of school four days now, and already it seems like ages since I’ve had to go to work. This is particularly interesting since I went to work  both Friday to finish grading and this morning to work on a summer project with some co-workers.  In addition to this project and my own lesson planning, I’ll also be freelance writing for Iowa Testing Program (the company that develops the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or the Iowa Assessment as it’s called now). I guess it’s not much of a summer break after all.

Wait, I’m not working with 150 students. Then yes, it is a break indeed.

Aside from all the professional work Chris and I will be scrambling to get through, we also have plans to install new Pergo floors in our family room, paint the trim, have the wood floors refinished in Charlotte’s room and the guest room, power wash the house, plant flowers, and……Okay I think that’s it. For now.

Traveling-wise, we’re off to Breckenridge, Colorado, in a few weeks. This year will be particularly exciting because Grandma Pat is coming with us all! Charlotte is going to have the best time in the mountains with her grandparents and great-grandma. In July, I’ll be going to LA with my dad to see a doctor. Thank goodness my dad is coming with me. He really is the best. Despite having to plan a trip around doctor visits, we’ll still have fun visiting Kiki, Aunt Micki, Matt, and my cousins. Plus, LA isn’t the worst place in the world to have to visit. Between all this, we’ll stop in Boone and Glen Ellyn for more family time, and then, when we all get home, we’ll collapse into a heap by the front door, swearing we’ll never travel again. (This, of course, will be a lie, as we’ll probably head out again around Labor Day.)

In Charlotte news…she is getting her upper canines. I think these are painful for her; she has been very attached to her sucker lately, and half the time she’s chewing on it rather than sucking it. I have no problem with pacifiers. Whatever makes her feel better makes us happy!

We also bought her her own toilet seat. It sits on top of the toilet, and a couple of times a day we let her sit on it to see if anything happens. So far, nothing. But don’t worry. I’ll be sure to write all about it here when it finally does. (My poor kid.)

At least she’ll be happy in ten years that I didn’t post an “on the potty” picture here. Instead, here’s an illustrated version for your viewing pleasure:

Charlotte on her throne (the green is her little seat attachment)


(I learned how to draw on my computer by reading this hilarious blog. Except this talented artist/blogger acknowledges that her pictures are crappy whereas my pic just looks crappy…even though I actually put a lot of effort into it.)




3 responses to “Charlotte’s Throne

  1. Cuspids…she’s getting her cuspids. 🙂

  2. I love that blog! I’ve been following it for a while.

  3. Try turning on the water while she’s on the toilet. That helped for me when I was a kiddo.

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