Chris and Katy, Part 2 (Finally)

Six weeks ago I started writing The Story of Katy and Chris. I made a promise that I’d continue the story on the blog the next day, but then I swiftly broke it. Sigh.

I am an expert on tardiness in all areas of my life. (But darn it, 7th grader, don’t you be late to my class!)

Here is part two of our little story, and here is part one, since it’s been so long since you’ve read it.

The week after Special Olympics was spring break. Like a poor lame student, I went home. I vividly remember standing at our kitchen table one night that week, and having a feeling like I was ready for something new, and that I was really over some things that had been lingering in my recent past. I’m being vague, but I’m trying to say that I finally just let go of some things. I felt a sense of readiness to move forward, and with this, a surge of confidence I’d never had.

(This totally sounds corny and contrived. But I hope you know that I keep it real here.)

When I returned to DePauw the next week, I decided I was going to meet that cute and considerate guy I met at DU. But first I needed to find out his name. Despite the size of DePauw, I had no idea who he was. So I sought out the assistance of one of my only friends who actually knew any DUs. We all call her Wurz. This is how it went:

Me: I kinda met this DU at special olympics, but I don’t know his name…

Wurz: What year is he?

Me: Uhhhhhhm…

Wurz: Okay, what does he look like?

Me: Well, he’s kinda tall, has brown hair, glasses….

Wurz: Katy, you’re describing half the guys at DePauw!

Me: I know! But that’s what he looks like! …His hair is a little curly, too. And longish.

Wurz (thinks for awhile): It could be Chris Doran —

Me: –Okay!

Wurz: He’s a sophomore, lived in Mason, he’s got glasses, brown hair….There’s a party this weekend at DU and I know where his room is. Do you want to come with me and I can introduce you?

I said yes. And I went to the party. He shared the biggest room in the house with one crazy Bulgarian, and his room was hoppin’. This is a good thing because how awkward would it have been if there has been like three people in there quietly talking or something? I never would have gone in. But there was music playing and people dancing and we just waltzed right in like we’d been there all night. Wurz very casually introduced us in a not-awkward way, and then I let Chris do the rest of the work.

Of course, he wanted to talk to me. (ha)

Talking to him was so easy. We probably talked for an hour. Somewhere in that time he asked for my screen name on AIM. In case you can’t remember this ancient communication tool, this was like asking for my phone number (so that he could text me). I learned that his grandma lives in Glen Ellyn, and I think that moment sealed our fate. We went downstairs to listen to the cover band playing in their dining room and stood in the front row, jumping and singing along to all the songs – even the ones we didn’t know. He was wearing an orange t-shirt. We were packed in close together, and I remember that orange shirt.  We took a break to get out of the heat during the band’s intermission and talked to the singers, who happened to know my senior prom date. (I remember a lot about this night.)

Eventually, I decided it was time to head back home to Kappa Land. On my way out, Chris kissed me on the cheek. What?! It was totally cute.

To Be Continued again….check back in six weeks soon (hopefully!) for the third and final installment of our epic romance.


4 responses to “Chris and Katy, Part 2 (Finally)

  1. Katy! It was just starting to get exciting! Will they get together? Will Chris text/call Katy? Hahaha… Enjoying reading this epic saga!

  2. This is so sweet…keep writing honey!

  3. I love this story!

  4. I love that you have such a keen memory and, I tend to tear up reading this story of blooming love!

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