Teen Spirit

Charlotte has been acting so grown up lately. One of her newest “tricks” is approaching Chris or I with something she wants us to put on her. Usually, it’s a pair of shoes or one of her old cloth baby bibs, but occasionally she make a request for one of her sun hats. We always comply because why not? Plus, it’s adorable. Also, she’ll throw a fit if we don’t.

What surprised Chris and I when she first started this up a few weeks ago is that she knows how to match her shoes. She’ll bring us one shoe (which we keep lined up throw haphazardly under her crib), and when I tell her to “go get the other shoe,” she’ll go back to her room and then return with the right match. Every time! Brilliant, I tell you. This morning, her outfit of choice was her summer frog pajamas, pink cowboy boots, and a yellow cloth bib.

And another thing: She is already spending way too much time on the cell phone. She’s calling up her friends all hours of the day and gabbing on and on about who knows what. She’s quite the animated talker, and her friends must be pretty funny due to all the laughter Chris and I hear. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised — she is 17 (months).


3 responses to “Teen Spirit

  1. Awww… That’s so cute. Love her dress!

  2. I can’t get enough. What a smart little girl, too! I could eat her up!

  3. Too adorable for words!!!

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