Water Fountain

Gone are the days of leaving the back screen door open so that Charlotte can gaze longingly outside at the dogs. No, she can’t open the door herself, but standing on the inside of the door has become utterly unbearable. She has realized the wonders of the outdoors and, when tempted with the view, must go outside. If we’re not careful while letting the dogs out, Charlotte’s been known to hurl herself out the door before it latches closed. Luckily, one of us has been there to catch her before she falls flat on her face down two steps onto a concrete patio. She loses all sense of fear when lured by the Great Outdoors.

Today, Charlotte and I were in another room when Chris opened the door to let the dogs out. When Charlotte heard this, she beelined to the back door. I called out a warning to Chris, and he got it shut just as she reached it. She was pissed. She was throwherselfonthefloorandwail pissed.

It’s not that we don’t let her play outside. We absolutely let her play outside, and it is so fun! Today, she climbed a ladder (eek!), ate cherries from our tree, threw the ball to Buddy, and drank water from the hose. She may have gotten a little wet…

It was a beautiful 75 degree Sunday!


8 responses to “Water Fountain

  1. She looked as though she wanted to bite the water! A very cute video

  2. Awesome!

  3. So cute! Can’t wait to see her!!!!!

  4. The Great Outdoors is right! Charlotte has discovered the wonders right outside her door. Isn’t it fun watching her explore these wonders for the first time? Many more to come! Enjoy every second!

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