Summer Preview

We are lucky to have a rec center and playground across the street from our house. Though it’s not directly across (because my school is!), it’s only a couple blocks down. Usually when we want to take Charlotte, we stick her in the stroller because carrying her all the way there would cause our arms to break off. This afternoon, however, I decided to walk Charlotte down to the park.


It only took us 25 minutes to get there…

We stopped to point out cars and trucks, picked up discarded wrappers, laid on our bellies in the grass (okay, she not we), and met a friendly yellow lab. Admittedly, there were moments when I may have coaxed her out of her fun and pulled her back in the right direction, but clearly we were never going to get to the park if I let her keep turning around and running the opposite way. The whole time I couldn’t help but think about how well Charlotte understands the old adage about enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the destination.

And although I don’t always remember to think that way myself, I do recognize the value of such perspective. A looooong 2 block walk is much more enjoyable when you do.

But when Charlotte plops herself down in a huge pile of dusty dirt (you know, like at the bottom of driveways) and then decides she’s too tired to walk the rest of the way home, destination Bath is the only thing on my mind.

Bath, Dinner, Books, and Bed ensued for the remainder of the evening. It felt like a real summer day and night. I have only two weeks before we can do this every day together. Guess what? I’m excited!


3 responses to “Summer Preview

  1. Ahhh the joys of summer evenings/nights, playing in the dirt and getting all sweaty!! Love it, Katy!

  2. I carried her to the Rec Center once and will not be doing that again! Glad you had such a great time… through the eyes of your child is a wonderful adventure!

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