A Great Find

Charlotte is dangerously low on summer clothes. Okay, that’s dramatic. She actually has plenty of cute sundresses, but she’s not the wear-a-sundress-every-day type of girl.

So on Saturday, we hit up Kid Works, a local consignment shop for gently used baby/children’s items. It’s not as cheap as Goodwill, but you’re also more likely to find what you’re looking for. Saturday, we were primarily looking for sandals since she only had one pair.


Little Tevas! Super gently used. So gently used that the bottoms weren’t even dirty. I’ll take ’em!

We paid ten dollars for them, which is no small change in the world of thrifting, but considering that they retail for forty dollars brand new (ridiculous, right?), I thought ten was reasonable.

Charlotte loves her new shoes.

(I keep having to remind myself to stop telling her you’re so pretty, you’re so cute all day long because I don’t want her to think that’s what she should value most about herself. But it’s just so hard not to because it’s just the truth! And that is totally the mom in me coming out.)



4 responses to “A Great Find

  1. but you speak the truth! She is so cute and so pretty!!!

  2. I just wanna squeeze her! So cute!!!

  3. It’s really hard to stop saying how cute they are… coz she is! Love it!

  4. She will know that she is both smart and pretty, darn cute! Duh-duh-duh-Duh….Who else has an 18-month-old who can sing Beethoven’s 5th? LOL
    Can’t wait to see her in Glen Ellyn next weekend…oh, and parents, too!

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