Flavor of Charlotte

Charlotte found my sewing tape measure yesterday, and she’s decided that it’s something she should wear.

Flavor Char

And this wasn’t a one time thing either. Every time she picks it up, around her neck it goes. She reminds me of a baby version of Flavor Flav. Except instead of the clock it’s a tape measure. And instead of rapping it’s repeating sounds that end in ah, uh, oh, or oooh. And instead of a dating show on Vh1, it’s her own YouTube channel.

Too much of a stretch?


3 responses to “Flavor of Charlotte

  1. Charlotte is a stitch!!!! I hope I’ll get to see her again sometime…maybe sometime when you are in town for a bit and not crazy busy with family…hmmm, not thinking that happens very often.

  2. How cute!!! Maybe she can do the sewing for us. Charlotte, I need some drapes. 😉

  3. Flavor Flav? Where’s her grill? tzzzzzzzzz

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