Almost Dr. Daddy

Charlotte and I have been missing Chris a lot lately. First there was the trip to Detroit that stole him away for four days, and then there were his comps to prepare for. Luckily, tomorrow afternoon it will be all over (Uh, yeah right. Then comes the dissertation…{insert nervous laugh}). Chris is very nervous for his big presentation tomorrow, but Charlotte and I know he will blow all the physics professors away with his brilliant ideas.

He came home for about an hour tonight to get a few hugs from the ladies in his life (plus Buddy).

Are these two cute or what?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that she loves him.

I’m not sure what this smile is about, but I’ll take it!

Since I still had the camera in my hands when it was time for pajamas, I took always-remember-this-tummy pictures. By a stroke of luck (and about 10,000 shots), I got something even better.

Always remember this Charlotte


13 responses to “Almost Dr. Daddy

  1. Good luck Chris!

    Sweet pics, Katy!

  2. Charlotte looks adorable as usual in these pictures…Good luck to Chris!!!

  3. Oh.. we have no doubt “Daddy Chris” will do wonderful…and with you 2 waiting for him… He is BLESSED more than anyone could ever want… Hugs!

  4. The best of luck to Chris! How lucky Charlotte is to have such a fantastic dad not to mention just as fantastic mom! Love you all! Happy Mothers Day, Katy! xo

  5. She looks like a Campbell!

  6. Good luck to Chris! I know he’ll knock em’ all out! Love and hugs to all of you!

  7. Love to my little Iowa City trio! Congrats, again, Chris!

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