In the Press

Yesterday I referenced Charlotte’s modeling career. You might be shocked to learn that her career hadn’t totally taken off — she was still struggling to find her place in the competitive world of fashion.

All of that changed today, when Charlotte officially went to print. (Is that a phrase?) Here she is with Daddy on page 8 of today’s Daily Iowan. (Scroll down to click on the Print Edition)

We were surprised to see the picture so soon, actually, because it was just taken last night. The three of us had just walked into the Bread Garden and were immediately ambushed by a college girl with a camera around her neck.

“Excuse me,” she started (and already I’m thinking uh oh), “I’m working on a story about families and grocery shopping for the DI and am wondering if I could take some pictures of you guys shopping?”

I really have no desire for a modeling career, so I let Charlotte and Chris take this one. They faked their cereal shopping quite convincingly, if you ask me. They’re naturals.

Mama’s so proud.




5 responses to “In the Press

  1. Saw it last night… Looks like they changed the paper already today.

    Chris and Charlotte were sooo cute! Loved that Charlotte was reading the cereal box too!

  2. Did you save a print copy? Cuz…I can’t see it. 😦

  3. Yay, she’s famous!!

  4. Poster child for Nutrition! Poster Dad, too!

  5. I’m so sad I couldn’t see it!

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