Charlotte on the catwalk…

On Charlotte: Shirt - Thrifted / Skirt - Baby Gap, gifted from babysitter Patrice / Tights - Gifted from Aunt Amy / Socks - Dollar Tree / Bib - Our kitchen cabinet

First off, doesn’t she look like the Tooth Fairy?

And secondly, yes, that is athlete’s foot cream in her hand. Another one of Charlotte’s favorite “toys.” (Could I have a future pharmacist on my hands?)

As for the baby bib, she’s been pulling these out of our kitchen “Charlotte drawer” lately and asking me to put them on for her. This is her first go at playing dress-up.

The socks just complete the whole look, don’t you think? Also, they are great for keeping her feet warm. True story.

I’ve discovered that when I don’t go to work, I do strange things to pass the time and entertain the child. This weekend, I broke out the old Stuart’s mom impersonation. Remember her from Mad T.V? Charlotte happens to think my impersonation is hilarious, which is great for me because I’m always looking for new ways to embarrass myself behind a camera.

Now scoot, SCOOT!


4 responses to “Stuuuuart!

  1. I looooove Stuart, and I think busting out the impression was a good call on your part.

  2. WERK IT OUT, Charlotte!

  3. Stuart is my favorite!!

  4. Oh man! Thanks for the Stuart videos! Made my day! LOL…you acting like his mom! Good one!

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