Blistery hands…

She has similar blisters on her feet (though not as many), red bumps all over her diaper zone, and a slight rash all over her legs. Luckily, none of this seems to bother her – she’s not itchy, and I don’t think she notices the blisters. Overall, she is still not feeling like her chipper little self. Last night she woke up at 4 am and was awake and crying until 6. Today, she was clingier than a used drier sheet, and tonight I had to let her cry in her crib for over an hour before she finally went to sleep. I hate doing that, but going in to pick her up over and over again only keeps her up longer in our experience.  Thankfully, my mom was here since Friday night, and she took over the morning duty so that I could catch up on the z’s I’ve been missing out on since Wednesday. Plus, it is much more fun caring for a sick baby with someone else. We actually went out to lunch, shopped at the mall (I bought shoes, surprise surprise), watched a cute movie, 50/50, and saw my brother, Joe, on Sunday. Despite feeling horrible for my poor baby, it was a nice weekend with Mom!

Still, I’m looking forward to next weekend when Daddy will be home, Charlotte will be all healthy, and we’ll be celebrating my grandma’s 80th birthday in Glen Ellyn!

And since I’ve only shown gross pictures of blisters for the past two days, here’s an adorable picture of my cutecutecute niece, Sadie. Isn’t she SOO cute?? I love her!

Hurray! I get to see Aunt Katy next weekend! Gosh, Aunt Katy is such a great aunt. P.S. I'm cute.


4 responses to “Ick

  1. Poor Charlotte! I’m glad her grammy was there to help you out. Can’t wait to see her this weekend!

  2. Katy, I know nothing about Hand, Foot, Mouth disease…is it a virus? Poor little Charlotte!!! Sadie is awfully cute!

  3. Poor pumpkin! I hope I can see you guys on Sunday!

  4. Sadie is ADORABLE!!!!!!! I love her little bow!

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