Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

…is no fun.

Boo hoo!

Are you getting this, Mom?

Look! I'm finally getting my 4th bottom center tooth!

By the time I took these pictures last night, she was feeling considerable better compared to the past 36 hours (hence the cheesy posing).  Wednesday and Thursday were nights from hell: Lots of crying, very little sleep for anyone. It was much worse that any newborn night we’d ever had.

Chris left town early yesterday morning for an audio fest in Detroit, but luckily for me, Charlotte slowly started to feel better as the day wore on. And last night, she went right to bed and slept her typical 12ish uninterrupted hours! It looks like we are back in favor with the healthy baby gods.


3 responses to “Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

  1. Poor Charlotte! I’ve been watching Madeline’s hands, feet, mouth and bum like a hawk. But she’s also on a pink-eye watch. We went to the Doctor yesterday and she said it looks like she just has a cold. I’m hoping she avoids the HFM and Pink Eye.

    Glad Charlotte got some sleep! We missed hanging out with you guys this weekend!

  2. Holy Cow! Poor Charlotte! Hope she is feeling better!

  3. Poor baby, hope she is feeling better.

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