Weekly Review

How is it that it’s Sunday night already? And we’re already three weeks into April? Hey April, where’d ya go?

I haven’t been as good about updating the ole ball and chain blog this month, and I feel a little bad about that. So how about I make up for some lost time? Namely, last week.

We started off with Monday. Monday was uneventful; I don’t even remember it. Tuesday was Chris’s birthday! And I didn’t even post to say happy birthday. The shame. Don’t worry too much though — I told him in person. Chris teaches a lab Tuesday nights so we didn’t do anything special. We don’t typically do big gifts for one another, but I made him something special so I’m pretty sure he felt loved.

Also on Tuesday, I found out that one of my student’s family is receiving a home from Habitat for Humanity this summer. Even just typing the words out makes me all emotional. She is such a wonderful girl and her family so deserving. What is particularly amazing about this build is that it will be done exclusively by women! I am so happy that my student, her four siblings, and her mother will have a safe place to call home this fall.

I don’t remember anything about Wednesday except that Revenge started back up again. My life is complete again. Do you watch Revenge? You should.

Thursdays are professional development day after school. Professional development, yada yada yada.

And then it was Friday! One of my students asked me how Chris and I kiss if he is 6 feet tall and I’m only 5’3″. (By the way, 7th graders love asking questions like this. They also love asking you to define dirty words that they already know the meaning of, and they love asking you how you made your baby. In my opinion, the best reply is always the plain truth, with the straightest face you can muster.) Later, the same student told me that he would like to set Chris and I up on a double date with his parents. I’ll probably chuckle about that one forever.

On Saturday, we used a birthday coupon for a free entree at a delicious restaurant downtown, Basta. Since it was free, Chris ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, seared tuna. I totally cheated on my diet and ordered a mushroom flat bread pizza.* Charlotte happily ate from our plates. She also was not shy about requesting bites from neighboring diners.

Finally, today Carla and I saw The Hunger Games while Madeline and Charlotte played at our house with the daddies. John, Carla, and Madeline stayed for awhile after the movie, too, and we watched a Dateline special about teenagers and drunk driving. (This is what old people do.) Then we decided that Madeline and Charlotte are only allowed to be friends with each other and their moms. Lucky girls!

At least for now, we can just focus on the simple things, like how cute they are and how much Charlotte loves to kiss other kids. Here are some pictures and a video to prove it. 

Kiss 1

Kiss 2

Kiss 81

And a kiss from Luna, too!

The action shot:



*This stupid diet! I cheat all the time. Do you know how hard it is to find foods that are both dairy and gluten free??? That leaves out almost all processed food…and I love processed food. If only I had just a little more willpower….






11 responses to “Weekly Review

  1. I love reading your blog! You’re so awesome at it. I know it feels like a chore sometimes, but I am a fan!

    I don’t know how I would have answered your 7th grader’s question… With John being 6’6″ and me being… well, short. “Sitting down?”

    I need to catch up on Revenge and then we can dish about that too. Well, I also need to finish Catching Fire and then Mockingjay. 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful day!

    • Thanks, Carla! I’m so happy you like reading (I’m glad someone does!)…I love reading yours, too! It’s so fun to hear other people’s perspectives on this crazy parenting ride. Can’t wait to play again soon!

      • Can’t wait either! I will have Sadie all day Sat. and Sat. night on May 5th! Also, what is the show “Revenge” about and when is on? What channel?

  2. I love your blog too! Don’t ever stop!!! I love the picture of Charlotte’s kissing Madeline’s back……..LOL LOL

  3. Ditto to loving your blog! You’re quiet the talented writer, my dear. What darling pics of Charlotte and Madeline. Soooooo cute!

  4. Katy, you are so talented! Love it! And you, of course! Can’t wait to get MY kiss from Charlotte!

    • Thanks, Aunt Beth! Unfortunately, Charlotte only kiss-attacks “babies” (or kids), you’ll have to ask her if you want a kiss, and then she might consider it. I can’t wait to get a picture of Charlotte giving her little cousin lots of kisses in two weeks!

  5. That’s so funny…Brooke only wants to kiss her stuffed animals, baby doll, or Winston.

  6. You may have to put Charlotte under lock and key if she continues to be such a fan of free kisses!! LOL What a sweetheart!

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