“Animal” Sounds

Charlotte has been working on learning her animal sounds! This video more or less shows what she knows, though she plays dumb about the dog sound — she totally knows that one!


That strange little gargle of a sound is her version of cockadoodledoo. Cute, huh? And doesn’t that whisper of a lion roar kill you? She must be channeling the Cowardly Lion.

These animal sounds are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes what she’s learned and can do recently. Whenever she hears a train, she toots the imaginary horn. This often lets us know that there is a train because she hears it way before any of us notice it. I mean, we’ll be in the house, listening to music, and suddenly she’ll look at us and start tugging.

Charlotte has also become very good at following directions. If we tell her to take something to Mama or Dada, she can do that. If I tell her to put my shoe back, she’ll take it to the closet. If we ask her to pick out a book, that’s easy. The list goes on. Charlotte is turning into the perfect little slave.

But kidding aside…

So often lately, Chris and I will look at her then say to each other how we couldn’t have imagined having a daughter any more perfect for us than Charlotte. We simply adore every soft, chubby bit of her.


3 responses to ““Animal” Sounds

  1. She’s a special little lady! ❤

  2. She is reaching her speech and language milestones beautifully! Yoinks!

  3. I think she did the dog just perfect…it licks!!!! Cute video

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