Giddy up

For her birthday, Charlotte got a pair of pink cowgirl boots from Uncle Mike. Since she wasn’t walking at that point, and since boots aren’t the best footwear for crawlers, we exchanged them for a larger size that we thought she might fit into in the fall. Well, due to the hefty size of her ankles and width of her feet, they fit now! Words cannot describe how adorable she looks in these boots, so how about a picture?


What? Am I cute or something?

And yes, of course we put her in her too-small pink John Deere onesie because what else is she supposed to wear with sparkly pink leopard cowgirl boots?

As I mentioned before, Charlotte is not a fan of wearing accessories, like hats, barrettes, bows, things around her neck, etc. There was a good possibility that she was going to hate wearing such restrictive shoes. And she did, at first. She took a couple of tentative steps in them before plopping herself down. When Chris picked her up to get her to stand, she kept her legs bent, refusing to put any weight on them. It wasn’t looking promising for the boots.

After ten minutes of sitting, she had a change of heart. A big one. She decided sitting in boots was no fun, so she got herself up and succumbed to their wonderfulness. She wore her new boots all day. She did not allow us to take them off of her until bedtime. Chris tried twice, and there were tears. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a gloriously unhealthy shoe fetish.  It would be in her genes after all.

She’s got a lot of room for her toes, so perhaps as she elongates and leans out (Will that happen?), they’ll fit her in the fall too!

Would you like to see a video of Charlotte strutting her stuff (and having bites of beet)? Of course you do. Why else would you be here?



10 responses to “Giddy up

  1. I mean, how ADORABLE is that?!?!

  2. Oh my…this is just too cute for words!!!

  3. Charlotte’s mommy loved coming to Giesche’s for her pretty shoes. So much so that she would get a little upset when it was time to go……..jumping up and down and telling her mommy that SHE was the boss!!

  4. This is too much for me!!!!!

  5. Jennifer Worrell

    Pink kicks+John Deere onesie= precious lil country girl! Love. Your. Pic.!

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