I’m feeling very nostalgic today. Little Sprout is simply growing so fast. Sometimes I worry that I can’t really remember what she was like at two, three, four, etc. months old. Of course, I do remember her at every age, but not as well as I think should. I want to remember everything. However, babies change so much in such a short amount of time, that just when you really get to know them in one moment, they are already moving on to the next. This is the diatribe of every mother: For God’s sake, Time — SLOW DOWN!

Thank goodness I have this blog. I know I’ve recorded more here than I ever would have done so in a baby book. (Well, I might have done alright for Charlotte, but there would be no hope for my next children.) I love looking back at my posts and seeing how far she’s we’ve come in the past fifteen months. Chris and I so often look at her bouncing around our house, reading her books, and telling the dogs to get off the couch, and are amazed at how much of a little person she has become already. Fifteen months ago we just met her and her greatest accomplishment each day was pooping. Just over two years ago she didn’t even exist at all. What?! We made a person?! What?!

In an effort to preserve my memories of Charlotte as she is right now, here are her fifteen month Charlotte-isms:

1) As I mentioned earlier, she likes to order the dogs to get off the couch or bed. “Dah,” she tells them, which we know means down. But she isn’t always telling them to get off the furniture. More often, she’s patting the couch and calling their name to invite them up. Unfortunately, Buddy and Luna do not speak Charlotte and never listen to her.

2) Charlotte still will open and close her hands when she is excited about something. In fact, she probably does this more now than ever before. Her gesture is also now accompanied by stiffening up and shaking. She just.cant.contain her excitement.

3) Things that get Charlotte excited:

  • Daddy or Mommy coming home
  • Watching the Number/Alphabet/Fruit/Shape train videos on youtube.
  • Watching Buddy and Luna wrestle
  • Being chased around the house
  • Getting out of her crib in the morning or after a nap
  • Seeing another baby or young child
  • Watching other children playing
  • Hearing some of her favorite songs (Lady Gaga, Beethoven, the alphabet, etc.)
  • Bananas and blueberries
  • When she’s thirsty, milk. Or water from a certain blue cup of mine.
  • Basketball on TV. (???)
  • The dogs. Did I mention them already? Yeah, she loooves her Boo-boo and Nuh-nah

4) She can be fi-esty. With a capital F.  When Charlotte hears “no,” that is her cue to giggle and do more of whatever she is not supposed to be doing.  We’re going to have to work on that one.

5) I keep saying this, but it bears repeating: She knows so much. In relation to #4, for example, Charlotte knows she is not supposed to go into the bathroom and especially not go near the toilet. Therefore, the bathroom is her favorite room in the house. For the most part, Chris and I are really good about keeping the bathroom door closed so it is a non-issue, but once in a while, we forget and leave it open. When Charlotte notices this, she will immediately make a beeline for the toilet as fast as her chubby little legs will take her. The last time this happened she heard me coming back to get her, so she ran out of the bathroom just as I arrived as if to say, “Me in the bathroom? Nope, that didn’t happen.” So sneaky!

6) Other things she knows:

  • Where to put my shoes away (in a drawer in my closet)
  • What to do with a paper towel
  • When a book is upside-down. Astonishing.
  • Where her nose, eyes, hair, head, ears, mouth, toes, fingers, and bellybutton are! She also knows the difference between Mama’s ears/eyes, nose, etc. and Daddy’s ears/eyes/nose/etc.
  • That cell phones are only fun to play with when they are turned on. Sorry, kid.
  • How to blow on her food
  • How to close anything. Who knew closing things could be so fun?
  • How to sing. This girl can carry a tune.
  • How to take off Luna’s diaper. And that what Luna is wearing is a diaper.

7) When Charlotte doesn’t want to eat her food, she flings it on the floor. Typical. She also thinks it is very funny to take enormous bites of her food. This can be quite terrifying as she’s stuffed almost an entire string cheese into her mouth on more than one occasion. We used to have to yank some of it out for her, but now she’s doing that on her own once the hilarity of a full mouth wears off. I’m happy to know that she’s figuring out the limitations of her throat…

8) She loves cell phones but goes mute when someone tries to talk to her on one. She loves to listen to the voice on the other end (she’ll even do her little hand-shakey thing sometimes), but it’s a rare thing for that person to hear a peep out of her little mouth. She’s getting a little more shy as she ages, I guess.

9) Car rides are less fun these days. Now that she can walk, why would she want to spend hours sitting in a car seat? I’d still say she’s a trooper since we’re always traveling, but we can no longer count on her sleeping the entire way to Illinois. Car naps usually do not exceed an hour. Bummer.

10) She still will not wear hats, headbands, or bows. She loves the way she looks in her hats when I show her in the mirror, but the annoyance of something covering her lovely locks gets to her a minute later, and off it comes. It’s okay; she’s pretty without them.

I’m going to stop now. It’s late, and I’m a teacher. I think this will suffice for myself when I check back in a few months teary-eyed and trying to remember Charlotte back when she was just a little fifteen month-old. 🙂 Gosh, I love her.



6 responses to “Rememberies

  1. Also, she spilled the dog food yesterday, then proceeded to put each kibble back one-by-one! So cute. Until she spilled it again, giggled, and toddled away…

  2. No, you didn’t do good….you both did PERFECT! We all just love your blog and photos and every precious memory of Charlotte too! xoxo

  3. You should say, she doesn’t like bows on other people too. Or just bows on Madeline. It was so cute how she didn’t want Madeline in a bow either, so she was trying to remove it.

    Can’t wait to see you guys later! Happy Friday!

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