C-sized Chair

Charlotte enjoyed sitting on the Adirondack chairs so much at the restaurant in Minneapolis (see here), that Chris and I decided to get her one of her own. Actually, we weren’t looking for one, but while perusing Chicago’s Craigslist the other day, we stumbled upon one for sale right here in G.E.

Oooh! A me-sized chair all for me!

The navy blue paint job has a few nicks here and there, but that’s nothing I can’t handle. If I decide to repaint it, I’m thinking a pretty robin’s egg blue, like this one from Pinterest:

Or perhaps a more muted light blue, like the first and third mini chairs in this Pinterest pic: (P.S. Aren’t these mini chairs cute?)

Or I could just look for a navy blue permanent marker. Yeah, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. πŸ™‚

Uh oh....


6 responses to “C-sized Chair

  1. We are all fans of adirondack chairs but you can never find them for under $30 back home. Too many home depot plastic ones I guess.


    • Yes, they are ridiculously expensive. We got ours for $20, which I thought was even a little expensive for a used chair, but we wanted it badly enough to buck up. I guess it was a good deal after all!

  2. What a great find!!! Super cute.

  3. I like the color it is, and the distressed look.

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