Cousins At Last!

Charlotte met her first cousin today!


Cousins and Aunts!

At eight weeks old, Sadie seems like such a tiny baby to me. I hardly even remember Charlotte ever being that small. Amanda thinks Sadie weighs about 12 pounds, and compared to Charlotte’s 27 pounds, that’s about as light as a feather.


Charlotte thinks Sadie is very cute, which just goes to show how smart Charlotte is, because Sadie IS very cute.

The over-the-shoulder peep

Mimi came over today, too, and got to hold both of her great-granddaughters together.

The two cutest great-granddaughters love their Mimi!

I can’t wait to spend the next couple of days with my beautiful new niece!

Charlotte, Mama/Aunt Katy, Sadie


9 responses to “Cousins At Last!

  1. Love these pictures! Can’t wait to see Charlotte and Sadie.

  2. I’m with you Katy…Charlotte looks so big and grown up next to Sadie. How lucky those two girls are to have each other!!

  3. The picture of Amanda and Sadie is soooooo sweet!

  4. Super cute babies! We love baby girls!!! 🙂

    Madeline’s got the same outfit Sadie has on. Probably one of the only “I Love Mommy” ones. Super cute, with the monkey butt.

    PS. They picked a cute name.

  5. Such a fun day watching my daughters, granddaughter, niece, and great niece interact. Made me very proud AND happy! I love you all dearly! Amanda and Katy, your girls are very lucky to have such wonderful mommy’s!

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